Sunday, November 15, 2009


I just finished on Friday, For a Few Demons More By Kim Harrison :(

I loved the book! But I cant say im happy that my favorite character died!! Kisten was pretty dang amazing and he got sold off like a piece of trash to some other master vamp. Not only to die once and become a undead vamp, but to actually die twice never to return again :'(

I was wonder what you guys thought of his death. Heres some insight into what Kim Harrison said about Kisten Dying.

Kisten didn't die in the rough draft, or the first polish. He didn't decide to
leave until I had written the rough draft of the _next_ book. Kisten peered over
my shoulder, saw that he hadn't taught Rachel anything in this new book, gave her
a kiss good by, and asked me to take him out at the endof FDM. He was done. There
was nothing he could help Rachel with, nothing he could teach her,nothing he
could do to save her from the stuff coming next, and he asked meto take him out
so that someone who might be able to save her could step in.It was one of the
hardest things I've ever done, but Kisten made me do it.He wanted to go out in a
blaze of glory then be shipped out of state, orsent on an errand, or break up
with Rachel and leave.--Kim

I understand why she did it, I mean I woudnt want Kisten to be a coward and just up and leave Rachel, but after finishing the book in school (almost crying, btw) and then having nothing to read the rest of the day, I read the short story that was in the back, about Kisten, Rachel, Kistens sister, and her son. It was so cute how Rachel and Kisten worked together, and they actually I thought were really good for each other, but sadly it had to end. :(